Riveras Building takes only a limited number of clients in order to ensure that our tailored approach guarantees personal direct involvement to accommodate our client’s needs and budget for any of the following services:

Architectural Services

You have a vision, you know what you want… and you need to translate it into a more tangible project, a reality. Riveras Building can help you with:

  • Architectural project
  • Plot design with mockup of its possible views
  • A complete architectural guideline including all that you might need throughout the design and construction process
  • Schematic elevations and perspectives

Construction Management

Under the Construction Management approach we manage your subs directly, cut out the General Contractor Fees and overhead. While this also eliminates the GC’s bonds and other elements, it relies on best-in-class subcontractors by trade to ensure that while there is not guarantee on maximum price, projects are delivered on time and on budget. Specific elements of this style of engagement include:

  • Design program consultation and analysis
  • Construction feasibility analysis, including parametric construction cost estimating
  • Project management systems, including budget review, critical path analysis and management
  • Control of all Change Orders and requests for information
  • Control of all pay applications
  • Monthly budget VS actual reports
  • Punch list and project delivery oversight

Turnkey Project

For clients looking for ultimate security in price and time of delivery, we offer turnkey projects. A Fixed Price is also an alternative that will ensure and bond a guaranteed cost of construction and delivery date.

Some clients don’t want to be bound by the constraints of a design, even once it has been completed, they want to be able to tweak and adjust an element of the project without limitation:

  • Architectural supervision and direction: is a system where we can take a design and simply charge a fee and overhead for supervising its implementation. Unit prices are fixed and only major changes in quantity will trigger a change in fees.

While we thoroughly enjoy working on our own designs in any of the styles above, Riveras can accommodate working with designs by other Mexican or American architects.

Riveras Building can help you from start to finish.

Property Management

After construction has been finished we can help you with regular property maintenance, bills payment, gardening and guest services.